Since its foundation in 1989, Shin Jin Master Co., Ltd.
is a guru that has solely been thinking about dishwashers.
As the front-runner in the dishwasher marketing, SJM has domestically maintained its unrivaled market share for government and public offices, schools, businesses, hospitals, wedding halls, etc.. With the marketing activities and after-service of its own exclusive global distributors, SJM is fairly and squarely competing with global brands, as the Asia-leading brand.

Based on long-accumulated technologies and superb competent individuals, SJM is striving to satisfy consumer needs as the utmost priority, in order to become a world No.1 company specialized for dishwashers. SJM is not only steadily making a ceaseless effort for R&D but also playing an important role to establish an excellent culture for manufacturing business in Korea. SJM will continue to work hard for the proud name of Korea.