Initial Stage 1989
Opening a new door as “Shin Jin Kitchen Supply Business”
SJM began its first business as a general kitchen supply business, located in Dangsan-Dong, Yeoungdeuongpo-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
Manufacturing and supplying for various food services at banks, companies, hospitals, etc., SJM finally succeeded domestically in manufacturing
of all models, against all the odds of a small market in Korea. This later served as a foundation for SJM to grow in earnest as a dishwasher-specialized company.
Growing Stage 1990~1995
Claiming as Dishwasher-Specialized Company
As claiming as a dishwasher-specialized company, SJM established its own manufacturing and distribution system. At this stage, SJM entered into
a period of rapid growth as experiencing an explosive increase in demands for dishwashers when the Korean government had decided to implement
food services system at all elementary schools in Korea.
The 1st Leaping Stage 1996~1997
Establishing a mass-production system by building the Kimpo factory
As it built 1.6-acre factory with a state of the art facility in Kimpo, Kyeonggi-Do in 1997, SJM began a mass-production system. With a explosively-
growing food service industry and a stable food service business at school, SJM rapidly grew and became Korea-No.1 company with the most of
domestic market share.

With this backdrop, SJM realized a world-No.1 quality as steadily investing in R&D, and it implemented a ‘zero-debt firm’ to prepare for its 2nd leaping stage.
The 2nd Leaping Stage 1998~2003
A full-scale Enter into the World Market
As securing much attention of the world, SJM successfully debuted in the world market. In accordance with the market share in the respective
countries, SJM began to establish an overseas distribution network by categorizing into 3 levels such as a local subsidiary, an exclusive distributor,
and a dealer

SJM is currently making a big name in the world market with the 3 local subsidiaries of SJM China. Co., Ltd., SJM Japan Inc.,
and SJM Taiwan Co., Ltd.; the exclusive distributors in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, etc.; and 50+ dealers in 20 other countries.
The 3rd Leaping Stage 2004~
Asserting as a Special Dishwasher Manufacturing Company
Applying the very know-how of developing commercial dishwashers, SJM has been well-acknowledged in the special washer market, resulted in
having various client bases of the domestic as well as overseas. By extending its business into numerous special washer fields—box washers,
palette sheet washers, mold washers, tray washers, tray washers, component washers, etc.— SJM is recognized as the company that shows a rapid
export growth, by leading vigorous R&D as well as quickly responding to the fast-changing market.