Dish washer ㅣ Wide flight type
Wide flight type Series
Great for large foodservice facilities such as big factories, etc., this model is most preferred at on-site factories of overseas global companies.

Adopted a self-diagnosis LCD monitor for users' convenience; and Applied the door spring system that perfected the balance of the weight of 'one-touch' control panel door and the spring tensile strength The filter of the 1st washing tank and of the 2nd suction filter, keep washing water clean. A superb reducing effect on energy consumption, due to the application of heat recovery condensing plant. By regulating the speed of the conveyer belt, it controls a washing duration based on the amount of dishes.
The embedded LCD that carries a self-diagnosis, not only indicates a washing mode and operation status but also results in less labor cost and user convenience by realizing high-efficiency and low-cost.
The PCB, an originally-developed program by SJM, is a superb medium that connects a cutting-edge technology and users.
The 2nd safety feature is an easy-to-use safety feature that could be readily operated by at the entrance, additional to the first automatic safety feature at the exit.
The 3rd safety feature is a safety feature, solely owned by SJM, to protect the motor and equipments when a noticed or vice-versa motor load occurs during washing.
The Korea-first conveyer peg, comprised of nylon No.6 and elastomer, boasts of the best quality with a great flexibility and durability.