Dish washer ㅣ Booster Series
Booster Series
Model SJM-830G SJM-850G SJM-950G
W x D x Hmm
475 x 590 x 780 565 x 590 x 780 550 x 700 x 780
power 220V
service Power 25W
ignition system consecutively dead battery system
exhaust supply fan and exhaust free
water pressure air pressure
gas LPG (kg/hr.) 2.03 3.0 4.1
LNG (kcal/hr.) 24,400 36,000 50,000
gauge water supply 20A (PF¹/2”) 20A (PF¹/2”) 20A (PF¹/2”)
tapping 25A (PF¹/2”) 25A (PF¹/2”) 25A (PF¹/2”)
gas 15A (R¹/2”) 15A (R¹/2”) 15A (R¹/2”)
storage 45L (valid 18L) 48L (valid 20L) 70L (valid 28L)
weight 28kg 36kg 40kg
The SJM burner is a core component of the Booster series of SJM, realizing a complete combustion regardless of types of gases.
It pursues a maximized its thermal efficiency by transferring the heat that has been conducted from the gar burner.
Its safety is fully guaranteed since all products are tested lot by lot instead of a sample test, when released from the factory.
When any abnormalities occur, the abnormal parts/components are indicated on the display panel by the self-diagnostic function, providing much needed confidence at a higher level.